We are constantly looking to
develop innovative solutions to ancient problems

We have been responding to the needs of families and children for 50 years and we keep up with each generation. We put in our products the same love that you would put.

And we often apply
traditional and natural remedies to new problems

The well-being of your child is important for us. Choose the quality of Italian handmade products, manufactured with organic, hypoallergenic and totally safe materials.

Filling: organic farming chaff with biocompatibility certificate

We also study products according to most recent scientific knowledge in pedagogy and education.

"The eyes of the child are very active(...) The child is also an active researcher in the environment”

(Maria Montessori - The child's mind)

We continuously develop the research and we propose cutting-edge design, functionality and technical materials to deal with the great challenges of growth.

Because they are important

And you are important too!
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I would like to touch the quality of your products, see them and understand "what you are made of”!

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